About Us

About Us

Pemberton Garden Services was formed to provide area homeowners with reliable, professional and creative gardening services.  Our team of skilled designers and gardeners are 100% committed to providing the best service and quality product in the industry, that has been our families promise since Pemberton was formed nearly 90 years ago. 

Our Team

Mark Saidnawey, Owner

Mark is the owner of Pemberton Garden Services as well as co-owner of Pemberton Farms. Mark is a man with strong family values, business ethics, attentiveness to clients, and over 25 years of gardening experience.  Mark has been featured on PBS's Victory Garden alongside a long-running stint as the gardening expert on CBS Boston TV4. Mark spends time writing for several national horticultural publications as well as his own gardening blog.  A life long Belmont native, when not working you can usually find Mark tending to his own garden or enjoying time with his wife and two young children. 

Sophie Bignet, Garden Designer

Originally hailing from Europe, Sophie started her gardening career in 2006 on the Island of Martha's Vineyard. Sophie started her career at PGS in 2012 following her completion of a Fine Arts degree at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. Sophie has proven herself a client favorite by ensuring a high level of professionalism, personalized care and creativity.  Having recently completed her Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture from the Boston Architecture College, Sophie brings her knowledge, artistic design and expertise to each clients she works with.

John Pelrine, Master Gardener ~ Nursery Manager

John planted his first garden in Nova Scotia in 1972 and has been an avid gardener ever since. He began his career in the horticulture industry as the lead perennial sales manager at the former Lexington Gardens. From there, John became a full-time gardener for WGBH's Victory Gardens, eventually becoming the show's producer. John has worked for HGTV and Better Homes & Gardens as a design consultant. John now spends his 'semi-retirement' as our garden center and lead in-house garden designer. Possessing an unmatched wealth of plant knowledge and creative ideas, John has been a longtime client favorite.

Zak Ely, Head Gardener

Zak grew up surrounded by nature in the Acadia National Park area where he started working in the horticultural field at the age of 19.  His first job was at a garden center in Union, Maine where he was trained by a master gardener in the fine art of ornamental pruning and shaping. Zak later moved to Massachusetts and worked for several reputable outfits before joining Pemberton in 2006. His love of gardening and all things living shows in every step he makes in both gardening and in life. His reputation and work ethic are unparalleled in the industry and over time has earned the respect and favoritism of local clients and industry professionals alike.   

Dylan Martin, Lead Gardener

Dylan gained an interest in horticulture at an early age while exploring the vast ecosystems of Madagascar during his childhood. The son of an avid gardener, it wasn't long before he got his hands dirty working alongside his mother in their Cambridge garden.  While studying at Bard College in New York, he further developed his appreciation for nature. Dylan spent several years working in our garden center learning about annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs before joining our garden services team in 2011. Dylan continues to amaze our clients with his exceptional skills in garden care, pruning, designing, and creating gardens.

Damian Kosmidis, Lead Gardener

Damian was born in Greece and moved to Boston at a young age.  He developed his interest in horticulture during summer visits to Greece where he would help out in the family's cherry and apple orchards. Back home in Boston, Damian constantly helped out in the family vegetable garden - it was only a matter of time before he took on full responsibility. He has since become an experienced grower of various fruits and vegetables. Now in his 5th season as a full time gardener at PGS, Damian continues his families tradition of fine, detailed, and nurturing garden care. An excellent pruner and designer, Damian is very thorough in everything he does.  

Sarah Fischer, Lead Gardener​

Sarah completed her degree in English and Linguistics at the University of Vermont in 2012. Inspired by a family history of gardening and horticultural knowledge, she spent three seasons gardening in the greater Boston area before joining Pemberton Garden Services. Sarah maintains clients' gardens with expertise and cares for them as if they were her own. Sarah deeply values cultivating holistic, regenerative relationships within ecosystems and appreciating the vast power and beauty of nature. She seeks to incorporate sustainably mindful practices and design in her approach to visual and functional garden aesthetics.​

Alec Rose, Lead Gardener​

Alec has had a budding interest in gardening ever since he planted a white pine sapling from the Bangor Garden Show at the age of seven. His knowledge in horticulture expanded while working at the University of Maine’s Rogers Farm where he spent summers helping to cultivate several experimental fruit and vegetable plots. As a result of his brief stint as an archaeological field technician, Alec honed his considerable skills with a shovel. His hobbies include creating award-winning terrariums and growing flowers from seed. He joined the Pemberton crew in 2014 and is looking forward to his next gardening adventure of digging, planting, and caring for our clients' properties.

Max Nottke, Lead Gardener​ - MCH, Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist

Max's interest in gardening began when he planted his first tree, a blackjack oak sapling, on his family property in North Carolina at the age of six. Much like Max, blackjacks thrive in poor, rocky, sandy soils where few other woody plants do well.  Max grew up in the Boston area before receiving a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Vermont.  Following years in the horticulture industry surrounded by camellias and crape myrtles south of the Mason-Dixon Line, Max returned to the Boston area, eventually joining Pemberton Garden Services in 2016. Max has become a client favorite with his vast plant knowledge and gardening expertise.

Susannah Levy, Lead Gardener​

Susannah joined Pemberton Garden Services in 2016​ after ​cultivating her knowledge and experience working several years as a landscape gardener in the Boston area​. She first developed a green thumb at an early age by building and planting a raised bed as an elective project in 8th grade. Her connection with nature through multiple wilderness treks with the organization Outward Bound has shaped her into the fine person and gardener she is today. Her travels across the world have offered Susannah a broad spectrum of the many garden styles from which she draws inspiration. Now in her third season with us we welcome her continued experiences and skill.​

Chris Cox, Lead Gardener

Growing up in northern Massachusetts, Chris entered the green industry at the age of 18. He quickly grew a love and appreciation for plants by working in local garden centers. He joined Pemberton Garden Center in 2007 where he continued to learn the vast varieties of perennials, annuals, shrubs, and ornamental trees. Over the last decade, Chris has worked with both local and national landscape and gardening firms. His skill set and customer service expertise has led him to an array of gardening and landscaping opportunities that range from large scale 500+ acre commercial sites, to small urban gardens, and everything in between. Chris re-joined us in 2018 and quickly became a valued lead gardener heading many of our largest projects.